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The higher education landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. Students (undergrad and graduate alike) have the challenge of admission and cost, but the benefit of choice. Development offices continue to compete for share of giving. Beyond high rankings and meaningful impact, universities have the growing charge of reaching the right, niche audiences crucial for growth and survival. Colleges and University marketers have to speak to prospective students, current students, faculty & staff, alumni, the press, and high net worth donors—a dynamic ecosystem of competing priorities and concerns. At Captains, we specialize in higher ed communications strategies and executions for delivering targeted messages and clarifying multiple value propositions. We have years of experience helping complex colleges and universities change their game through strong internal and external communications.

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Case Studies

MIT sloan

MIT Sloan had a unique challenge - neither admissions, nor development. The School was starting to lose credit for the new ideas and practices they’d been developing and championing for decades. Other (louder) players were dominating the conversation. They brought in Captains to help develop the Schools’ first brand message and help bring it to global business leaders everywhere.

Antioch College

Antioch College, a liberal arts institution with a rich history in social justice, came to us with a fundraising challenge. With a new and transformational leader at their helm, they had already tapped their alumni base, and wanted to appeal to an audience of high net worth donors without any ties to the institution. Antioch came to Captains for a unique solution, and we gave them just that - the ReinventED Lab & Incubator at Antioch College.


Northeastern University has one of the strongest co-op programs in the country, but when you search Google for "Northeastern" — " Did you mean: Northwestern?". Faced with an awareness challenge, they came to Captains to help develop an opinion shaping platform to leverage their faculty expertise and unique model to move the university forward.

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