On March 30th, Captains of Industry was named a leading Boston agency, recognized for our hard work in advertising, branding, content marketing, creative, design, and production. This announcement is the result of many things: our multi-talented team, our results-oriented approach to our work, and – most importantly – our amazing partners.

Our recognition as a leading agency comes from Clutch, a leading research firm that analyzes more than 7,000 agencies around the world. Their platform accounts for more than one dozen hallmarks of a successful agency, including past experience, team size, awards, and industry recognition. Most importantly, the firm on the relies on each agency’s clients to offer an in-depth review of the agency-client relationship through an extensive review process.

To help Captains of Industry become a widely-recognized leader on Clutch, three of our clients have spoken with Clutch. In each review, the clients speak about our services offered, the results of our engagement, and what makes Captains unique. So far, we’ve maintained a 5-star score.

Here are some of the highlights from our reviews on Clutch:

“It really felt like the Captains of Industry team members were consistently bringing their full selves to the job. Shooting on-site with them immersed me in the world of a creative. We were pleased with their overall ability to deliver quality results.”

“I consider them friends as much as business partners. That closeness is one of their greatest strengths, as it allows them to challenge their clients in order to devise the most effective solutions. In my experience, agencies can be focused on their paycheck and satisfying clients, therefore don’t challenge ideas on a regular basis. Captains, however, will stand up for an opinion they feel is important. We don’t always agree, but we’ve often trusted them enough to make a directional shift because they were willing to put their reputation on the line.”

As we continue working with Clutch, we’re exciting to hear additional client feedback and continue to rank among the leaders of Clutch’s research.