we do

Just like the audiences we’ll help you speak to, we organize our products through your frame of reference. Our best clients arrive with a challenge in mind, and together we select the right services to help move markets.

You're Launching

Or pivoting

You’ve got a new organization, product or service and need the strategy, creative and executional support to go about things differently.
Strategy & Research

Communications Audit

Ecosystem Analysis

Momentum Tracking (Benchmark)

Product/Brand Positioning

Creative Leadership

Product/Brand Messaging

Product/Brand Design

Flagship Content Ideation

Brand Standards Development

Communications Engineering

Go-To-Market Planning

Content Strategy & Editorial Calendar

Content Creation & Content Marketing

Managed Distribution (Email, Social, Paid, Earned, Events)

Website Creation

Marketing Infrastructure Setup



You’ve got the larger plan, but have an audience you can’t manage to crack or need some creative firepower to be opinion shapers over just ‘thought leaders’.

Strategy & Research

Adjacent Audience Study

Momentum Tracking Study

“Relate” Program (internal education)

“Activation” Program (internal education)

Creative Leadership

Content Workshop

3-Way Media Initiative

Communications Engineering

Content Creation & Content Marketing

Managed Distribution (Email, Social, Paid, Earned, Events)

You're Going

Through Change

Your organization needs to act differently. You need help changing perceptions across the company and/or improve your team’s effectiveness.

Strategy & Research

Momentum Tracking Study

Belief & Belonging Mapping

Creative Leadership

Change Management Messaging

Leadership Communications

“Advance” Program Messaging (internal communications)

Communications Engineering

Content Creation & Content Marketing (internal)

Managed Distribution (Email, Social, Events, Installments)

“Advance” Program (internal communications)


We Work

Our most successful engagements begin with a formative strategy phase during which we identify the core values of a client’s brand; profile the most important audiences to reach; and glean insights from a deep dive into competitive market dynamics. This foundation of understanding becomes our creative edge—the way we seize nascent growth opportunities; craft a brand message that resonates with even hard-to-influence audiences; or guide a market entry, pivot, or reinvention with content that moves audiences to take action.

We only engage in leadership-level partnerships with our clients—so we are in the game together in building audience relationships prior to and beyond purchases. But don’t take our word for it. We’re happy to let our clients—and our work—speak for themselves.

The inverted funnel


It’s not uncommon for the marketing world to cast customers and audiences as prize-like populations to be won in urgent transactions. This philosophy is inherent to what’s often referred to as the marketing funnel. In The challenge with the traditional marketing funnel is that it succeeds in narrowing the targeted population, pushing and pulling people from awareness to consideration to purchase.

At Captains, we’re of the mind that brand journeys are set in motion by curiosity, and audiences become evangelists through a series of small, seemingly independent decisions that—in aggregate—show a progression of deepening engagement. In our client relationships, we invert the traditional funnel. We instead start at the apex, investigating the nuances of powerful niches. We align our content to match these selected groups’ habits of mind, and intersect with (rather than interrupt) their journeys. As a result, our content strategy and creative work has an amplifying effect—audiences gain power and recruit likeminded peers on their progressions toward advocacy. The result is authentic, long-term relationships between brands and their most important people.