Our clients are wired to break the status quo. So, it naturally follows that the most important audience to our clients is often the c-suite. In order to be effective, we know upfront that a research commitment to tracking the strategies, mindsets and motivations of business leaders today is vital.

A key priority of our Strategy & Research department is to keep close tabs on the c-suite, and the decentralization of power that’s occurring across it. To us, this is the elusive “Chief Executive Challenger” (CEC). These individuals represent the most influential game-changers in business today. They operate from the inside out, and every organization has at least one.

Through Captains’ own qualitative research sessions across clients, (plus studies from Quartz and PWC) we found that the CEC’s ability to extract valuable information from all the noise online is a daily challenge, and advantage. Their methods to discover and exchange insights through curated knowledge networks are critical to success. And that’s where organizations have a real opportunity: shape conversation with purpose and collaborate with extreme precision.

Over the past year Captains has done a significant amount of research with CEC’s, so we created this infographic on the Chief Executive Challenger to aggregate some of our favorite data-points from our cross-category research. Enjoy! View Larger Resolution.