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The energy landscape is more complex than ever before. More than just articulating technology-driven product improvements, brands have the increasing charge of reaching the niche audiences crucial to the development process. Energy brands have to speak to the legislators who will drive policy; utilities adjusting their supply; investors looking for great ROI; and community stakeholders looking for stable income streams and preservation of their assets. Content is the perfect vehicle for delivering targeted messages and clarifying multiple value propositions—plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt that we have years of experience working with wind, solar, storage, and conservation and management brands to do just that.

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Case Studies


DNV KEMA sought out Captains to help them enter a new market – the smart grid. DNV KEMA had over 750 consultants across the globe working on T&D, Renewables Integrate, Demand Response and more. But, they lacked a cohesive way to tell the story of their smart grid expertise and compete with bigger competitors. Learn more about the content we created.

First Wind

First Wind came to Captains when they started getting unexpected opposition to their wind project developments in local communities. Captains helped them develop a new brand, message and communications strategy to articulate how their wind projects were revitalizing local communities. Learn more about the content and brand we created.


BlueWave—like all our challenger brand clients—understood that innovative communication was key to success in a crowded marketplace. Over our 18 month engagement with BlueWave, Captains helped the organization build a consumer-facing brand, understand how to engage a customers differently, and maintain those relationships over time.

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