On May 16th, our President & CEO, Clift Jones, presented and moderated a panel in front of several hundred of the country’s most prominent energy executives. At DNV GL’s Energy Executive Forum in Orange County, CA, Clift discussed the importance of communications and brand in the energy sector.
In his talk “Your Next Customer: Building a narrative-driven brand strategy,” Clift shared his perspective from having worked with large multinational organizations/corporations like General Motors, Anheuser-Busch, The Gates Foundations and dozens of consumer brands like Converse, Cadillac, (RED), Palm, and TIAA-CREF. According to Clift, “In a space ripe for re-invention, a strong energy brand can be a strategic weapon for engaging the newly-empowered energy consumer. It can mean the difference between keeping your customers, and losing them to new and unexpected competitors.” After the presentation, Clift moderated a panel of energy executives discussing how customer communication and brand perception will help some companies stand out, and cause others to fail.
DNV GL’s Energy Executive Forum brings together energy executives from utilities, renewable energy, Internet of Things and energy retailers to discuss the future of energy. The conference centers around energy Convergence – or the dynamic shifts occurring in the energy landscape as new technology and new products allow the energy consumer to have a voice and choice like never before. According to DNV GL, bringing executives together under one roof for open dialogue and debate is the best way for energy companies to innovate. Executives spent three days in Orange County. Other presenters included Apple, Gap and Tesla innovator George Blankenship (credited with inventing the Apple store), Carole Barbeau, President of Energy Advisory for DNV GL, and Lawerence Makovich, Chief Power Strategiest at IHS.