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The energy landscape these days is more complex than ever before. More than just articulating technology-driven product improvements, brands have the increasing charge of reaching the niche audiences crucial to the development process. Energy brands have to speak to the legislators who will drive policy; utility companies looking to green up their supply; investors looking for great ROI; and landowners looking for stable income streams and preservation of their assets. Content is the perfect vehicle for delivering targeted messages and clarifying multiple value propositions—plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt that we have years of experience working with wind, solar, and conservation and management brands to do just that.


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Antioch College, a liberal arts institution with a rich history in social justice, came to us with a fundraising challenge. With a new and transformational leader at their helm, they were looking to attract funders to participate in the rebuilding of their school from the ground up to serve the next generation of college students. In their fundraising efforts, they had already tapped their alumni base, and wanted to appeal to an audience of high net worth donors without any ties to the institution.

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Developing effective branding and messaging if you’re an energy organization can be difficult. If you’re one of these companies, you’re no doubt thinking, “Is there really a difference between making a logo, website or video for a clean energy company versus other types of companies?” The answer is a resounding YES. To help explain why, we created a Renewable Energy Branding & Marketing ebook based on a series of articles published in Renewable Energy World on a range of topics of interest to marketing professionals. The insights included here have been gleaned from years of work with renewable energy and clean tech companies — from wind and solar to energy conservation and management.

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