KEMA Marketing Case Study

building a new

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KEMA came to Captains to do things differently. The energy sector is filled with dry communications initiatives, and few see the strategic weapon effective marketing can be. Over a 2+ year engagement we helped KEMA enter a fledgling market and use an innovative platform to grow awareness and marketshare.



With an 80-year history, energy consultancy DNV KEMA had name recognition for many industry offerings, but was a relative unknown in what is today’s most rapidly expanding and vital section of the energy market—the Smart Grid. Facing competitors many times their size, DNV KEMA lacked a compelling way to characterize their edge in the highly complex Smart Grid sector. Internal confusion among its 1,700 consultants—spread across more than 30 countries—about the company’s diverse Smart Grid service offerings, paired with a highly risk-averse customer base, meant that DNV KEMA was in danger of missing the greatest financial opportunity in the modern energy industry. Making the challenge even harder, DNV KEMA’s budget was a small fraction of the spend by huge competitors going after the same hard-to-reach audience of key decision makers. Outspending with expensive ads and media buys wasn’t an option. DNV KEMA needed to play the game—and win—with a smarter approach.


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