Infraredx Marketing Case Study

predicting heart attacks

to prevent them

The healthcare communications landscape is filled with brute-force, in-your-facing communications tactics. As a result, decision makers tune out and are turned off by the standard practices. Infraredx needed to act differently gain traction with an innovative technology – they knew Captains could help them get there.



Infraredx, a cardiovascular imaging company, had invested 15 years of research and engineering to develop a groundbreaking technology called the TVC Imaging System, that allowed interventional cardiologists to detect the dangerous, lipid core plaques associated with heart attacks. Though TVC was the only FDA-approved system capable of detecting these plaques, the brand was still facing a major awareness challenge. Interventionalists in the U.S. were largely skeptical of the value of imaging, and unaware of Infraredx’s product and brand value proposition—grounded in the mission to transform the global treatment of coronary artery disease.


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