First Wind Marketing Case Study

taking a wind company start-up

to $2.4 billion acquisition

Captains was a close partner to First Wind for over 5 years. We helped build them from a 25 person development company to a global-scale acquisition. First Wind’s model for wind farm development was different from the rest. They went full steam ahead into projects, and expected development timeframes to be the fastest in the industry. Strategic engagement and pro-active communication with local communities was critical to success, and that’s where Captains shined.



Wind energy developer UPC Wind was stuck in neutral. Due to strong community opposition to wind farm development, the company was unable to expand beyond their single operating wind farm in Hawaii. Their message: “We generate clean energy from wind and sell it to utilities” meant nothing to community members who were concerned about the impact of development on their towns. Enter Captains of Industry. Our strategists saw an opportunity to kickstart not only UPC Wind’s developments, but to bring wind energy to the forefront of American clean energy production.

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