BlueWave Solar Case Study

Making solar for the

100% a reality

BlueWave—like all our challenger clients—understood that innovative, audience-targeted communication was going to be key to their success in a crowded marketplace. Over an 18-month engagement, Captains helped BlueWave build a consumer-facing brand, solidify strategies to engage their customers meaningfully, and set in place the standards to maintain their customer and stakeholder relationships over time.



How can a niche B2B solar project developer transform into a national B2C solar retailer and capture a world of opportunities? That was the question on BlueWave’s collective mind as they contemplated a market pivot supported by their mission to make solar energy available to everyone, everywhere. To actualize this goal, Captains partnered with BlueWave to help them understand their new consumer audiences, strategize for stakeholder engagement in a noisy category, and ultimately craft the brand that would differentiate them from the pack and help uphold their higher standards in market as a solar lifestyle brand.


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