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Changing regulations. Upheavals in NIH and broader government funding. Lengthy FDA approval processes, heightened competition in drug and technology development, and complex networks of institutions, payers, physicians, scientists, and patients, all with disparate needs, beliefs and interests. In the healthcare and life science industries today, change is the rule, competition is fierce and consumers are constantly interrupted with aggressive marketing sells from brands anxious for conversions. As a result, most consumers take evasive action. Look closely at consumers in this space and we believe you’ll find information seekers. Physicians, scientists, and patients who want stories that o’er more meaningful perspective than 30-second spots and one-o’ ads provide.

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Case Studies


Whatman needed to make a splash and build sales for a new line of microbiology products. These products, used by microbiologists to test for microbes in beverage bottling plants, were completely unknown in the market, and Whatman was going up against very large competitors.

Cell Signaling Technology

Cell Signaling Technology (CST), a life sciences company, needed to stand out in the antibody marketplace. Despite a niche reputation for antibodies validated to the highest standards, CST was struggling to gain a foothold against their large, warehouse-style e-commerce competitors.


Infraredx, a cardiovascular imaging company, had invested 15 years of research and engineering to develop a groundbreaking technology called the TVC Imaging System, that allowed interventional cardiologists to detect the dangerous, lipid core plaques associated with heart attacks. Though TVC was the only FDA-approved system capable of detecting these plaques, the brand was still facing a major awareness challenge.

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